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Twenty years on…


I currently work at The King’s Centre in Oxford as an Events Coordinator. I dance with Dug out which is an adult contemporary dance group and I am part of Christian Life Centre church in Oxford and do a lot of youth work.


In the year 2000 I would have been 10 years old and in year six at primary school. I lived in Abingdon.
Now, I still live in Abingdon and I work in a local SEN primary school. I am also a Brownie Leader at the local church.
I have had quite a few tough years over the last 20, which has meant I have spent a lot of time working towards myself in various therapies – which have been useful.
I didn’t expect to still be in Abingdon, but life doesnt always work out the way you intended!


Twenty years on I am living in New Zealand and expecting my first child. I studied chemistry at university and for a while worked in this field, but ended up having a complete career change and working with horses. I now ride racehorses as my job and compete as an amateur jockey. Exactly what I dreamed of as a child twenty years ago.


20 years on! I left school for college to study art for three years, inspired by an amazing art teacher (Sandra) at Carswell primary! I then went into childcare where I used art ALOT! I then fell pregnant with my beautiful identical twin girls at 23, they started reception last year, I can only hope they have a teacher who they still think of at my age as amazing!


Twenty years on I am a freelance photographer with ambitions of photographing amazing people and shooting magazine covers and editorials. I also work part-time in an Artist-led Gallery which is a hub of creative people and energies. I graduated in 2018 from University with a first-class honours. I am growing emotionally, physically and creatively into a bright future.


Rafael has CP. He went to West Oxford primary school. After secondary school he went to a specialist college for 3 years, for young people with disabilities, the National Star. After that he went to the Orpheus Centre for 3 years, which provides workshops in performing arts for young people with disabilities. Now, he lives at home again and has a team of carers. He attends FarmAbility one day a week, goes to free music concerts in Oxford, attends art&craft and dance sessions at the ICE centre in Witney, and goes to any theatre or arts events he can find in Oxford. He communicates with his friends through FB and enjoys holidays and travelling whenever he can, with carers. He also writes his own poems and stories.